Android Development Training 2 Months

About This Course

2 Months Training / Winter / Summer Training

Java Essentials Installing SDK and tools
Android App fundamentals User Interface and Controls
Graphic and Styling Assignment-1
Multiple Screen Support Animation and Graphics
Menus and Dialogs Assignment-2
Working with media Notification and Toast
Preferences and Data Storage Locations and Maps
Live Project Publishing App

Course Price: Rs. 12000/-

Registration Fee: Rs. 100/-

Course Brief

Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices around the world. It’s the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast.

Android development is mostly done in Java. It’s not a difficult language to learn, how it applies to Android development can be confusing without a firm foundation in the language. Android Java is not exactly standard Java, but learning standard Java will make it much easier for you to pick up Android development.

  • Global partnerships and large installed base.
  • Powerful development framework.
  • Open marketplace for distributing your apps.

Aimsoftnet is into Android Application Development since 2012. We have a expert level team of Android developers to help you learn every in and outs of Android Application Development in real life software development environment.

Android Development Training


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