Dear Recruiter,

We invite you to the placement season 2017-18 at Aim Softnet Lucknow with the deep satisfaction of knowing that our institute is having a top class IT industry indorsed professionals ready..

It is the result of unrelenting, sustained effort with a clear cut focus on all areas that contribute towards making our IT professional ready to take on responsibilities in their new roles:

  • First, our 50 member strong full time faculty comprises of academics, policy makers, seasoned management leaders and administrators. Every one of them is committed to ensuring the curriculum at Aim Softnet is cutting edge and industry relevant. They constantly groom top Professional and are regularly involved in executive education – exposing students to the right mix of theory and live project training and issues.
  • Second, with our cutting edge education, we inculcate ethics, introspection and values. Our students understand the importance of attention to details. As they develop into IT professionals, they understand the value of being on time, every time.
  • Third, our students get the right exposure to work in a multicultural environment, which places greater emphasis on team based learning methods.
  • Last, every student of Aim Softnet has been raised. Before making this through the door of our institute, they go through many interviews and discussions. Their backgrounds are varied. A large percentage of our students come with work experience in areas like IT, yet they have a goal – to succeed as professionals and individuals.

Harsh Singh
Director, Aim Softnet

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