Top 3 free WordPress SEO plugins help to rank at the top results

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There are some free WordPress SEO plugins by which we can develop our SEO rankings. The page rank of your website will depend on your SEO traffic.

Many WordPress users and famous bloggers use these some plugins to rank their website #1 on search engine results. Even they don’t optimize their site for search engines.

The reason why for this is ‘they do SEO for every content

Search engines are the major source of traffic. If you don’t know how to increase organic traffic then learn it first. Even after you tried all the methods then it’s time to learn about SEO.

After search traffic, it is the Social media to get traffic. But you have to work smart to get traffic from social media. There are a number of social media platforms to drive high traffic to blog/website.

Best free WordPress SEO plugins

There are thousands of plugins in WordPress to install. WordPress is an ‘SEO friendly‘ platform to start with. In addition, we can install and activate these plugins to make our site more SEO friendly.

I am going to list 3 best and free WordPress SEO plugins to get higher search traffic from zero results.

1 Yoast SEO Plugin

The reason why most of the people choose this as top SEO plugin is its number of options. Not only me but all the bloggers like Yoast SEO even they don’t use it.

Yoast SEO will allow you to submit sitemaps and to authenticate you on Google.

It is the highest downloaded SEO plugin among all the SEO plugins. This plugin will show you the preview of every post you publish. And this is the best way to know the length of SEO title and slug.

Automatically, the plugin will suggest you the best ways to optimize your content. Even it will tell you about the readable experience of visitors while you are writing.

Over 16,000 people reviewed the plugin and it has the highest ratings in SEO plugins. This is the plugin which tells how to write content perfectly.

You have to statisfy the plugin by getting all green lights instead of red. The major lights should be green and if you are doing something wrong then this plugin will tell you.

Ratings: 4.8  |   Installations: 5M+  |  Tested up to: 4.8.2  |  Download

2 All in One SEO pack

If you don’t want to use Yoast SEO then the best alternative you can try is All in one SEO pack.  This is the easiest plugin to use from all the plugins.

Even the plugin has advanced features, a beginner can also try it out with the simple learning process. AIOSP plugin will optimize your WordPress website for search engines.

It will suggest you the length of the title and description of the content. This is the best thing about the plugin. You don’t have to worry about your SEO title length and URL.

You can also add keywords instead of adding a single keyword. The feature is not available in Yoast SEO plugin where you can use only one keyword in the free version.

This plugin will give the best competition to the Yoast SEO with its bulk of features. And after the Yoast SEO plugin, this is the most installed SEO plugin for WordPress.

Ratings: 4.5  |   Installations: 3M+  |  Tested up to: 4.8.2  |  Download

3 SEO Squirrly

There is a plugin which helps non-SEO experts and the plugin is called SEO Squirrly. You can drive better results using this plugin and can improve the ranking of your website.

As per Neil Patel ‘Squirrly is more than an SEO tool’. Squirrly will help you to write the better content and SEO friendly content which is Human-friendly at the same time.

You can search keywords and you can see the competition and monthly searches for that keyword. And also you can find the keyword related non-copyrighted images by using this plugin.

Top 3 free WordPress SEO plugins help to rank at the top results

You can see the title suggestion and also it will allow you to write up to 75 characters for the title and 165 characters for the description. The good thing about this plugin is you can use more than one keyword.

It has over 30k+ installations and the people who don’t know about SEO can use this plugin as a beginner. You can see the options and features offering by this simple plugin.

Ratings: 4.7  |   Installations: 30k+  |  Tested up to: 4.8.2  |  Download

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