Best SEO Interview Questions and Answers for freshers

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seo interview questions and answers

SEO has been the ultimate buzzword in the digital media for quite a long time.

From content marketing to attracting heavy traffic to any websites and ensuring the success of any social media campaign.

SEO has a world in itself; it contains a vocabulary and language of its own with a highly evolving history.

The functionality of SEO is quite difficult to interpret, yet so unique!

Yet, our search on the Google trends show how consistently SEO has been in demand among global corporations.

It means you can have lucrative career in SEO if you know how to make it work!

So here is the seo interview questions and answers given below:-

1-What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a web-based software system which is developed to search and locate relevant information on the World Wide Web. Search engines generally answer the queries entered by the users and give them a list of search result.This is a basic question among all seo interview questions and answers.

2-Name of a few search engines.

The names of some search engines are- Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, DuckDuckGo and Yandex.

 seo interview questions and answers3-Who are the Founders of Google?

The founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

seo interview questions and answers

4- What is an outbound link?

Any link on a website that links to another web page or website is known as an outbound link.This is a frequently asked question in seo interview questions and answers.


5. Differentiate between on-page and off-page optimization?

On-page optimization is used to regulate the site to be optimized through page coding. Off-page optimization is not regulated by page coding.

seo interview questions and answers


6- What is keyword density?

It is the percentage density of a particular phrase or keyword available on a website compared to the total number of words on the particular page.

7-What are meta tags?

HTML meta tags are officially page data tags that lie between the open and closing head tags in the HTML code of a document.

8-Name the four important meta tags in SEO and what are their character limits?

Description Meta tag — 150 characters limits

Keyword Meta tag — 200 characters limits

Title Meta tag — 60 characters limits

Meta Robot tag – N/A

9-What is Google Panda?

Google Panda was a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.

Google Panda was created to target sites that publish low quality content and penalize them if possible.This is not as important but good question in seo interview questions and answers.

seo interview questions and answers

10-What is Google Penguin?

Google launched the Penguin Update in April 2012 to better identify and regulate websites that were considered spammy or overly-optimized.

The Penguin targeted sites that manifested keyword stuffing as well as those that practiced black-hat SEO. So keep focus on this question it is also a good question in seo interview questions and answers.On the other hand, this algorithm rewarded the sites that used white-hat SEO and that were of high quality in a generic sense.

seo interview questions and answers11-What is Google Hummingbird?

Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm used by Google from August 30, 2013. It was designed to embody the special characteristics of speed and precision.

One of the significant advantages of Hummingbird is that Google was able to refresh not just their index but their search engine as well. However, they also retained important elements such as the search algorithms they previously created.This is now a trending question in seo interview questions and answers.

seo interview questions and answers

12-What do you mean by Backlink?

The incoming links to your website or webpage are referred as Backlink. It is also called as an inbound link. Backlinks are very important for your website and this is compulsory question in seo interview questions and answers.

13-What is the main purpose of using keyword in SEO?

Keyword is a single word, and while a combination of those keywords makes phrases. These keywords or phrases are used by the search engines to populate the subjects over the internet. Search engine stores keywords in the database, and when search is done, it will come up with the best possible match.

14-Name few Black Hat SEO techniques?

  1. Link Farming
  2. Hidden text, etc.
  3. Gateway or Doorway pages
  4. Cloaking
  5. Keyword Stuffing

seo interview questions and answers

15-What is PPC?

This is also a very good question in seo interview questions and answers.PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is an advertisement campaign hosted by Google.  It is segmented into two modules CPC ( Cost per click) and CPM ( Cost per thousand impressions) through flat rate and bidding respectively. In CPC, if the user clicks on the advert, only then the advertiser will be charged.

16-What are the names of few crawler for different search engines and also mention its function?

The term Crawling or web crawler is referred to an automated process through which different search engines filtrate web pages for proper indexing. Usually, the crawler used to go through different web pages because of the relevant keywords, content, and hyperlink. There are few crawlers for different search engines like:-

Google: – Google Bots crawler.

Yahoo: – Yahoo Slurp crawler.

Bing: – Msnbot crawler

Their main function is to go through from other linked pages on websites, usually, companies build their sitemaps for better accessibility and navigation.

17-What is an organic result?

 In organic SEO it displays all the listing of the web pages which are almost relevant to all the queries that are entered into the search engine by the users. Mostly it is referred as “free” or “natural” result. If the website is getting a  higher ranking in the organic result over the search engines is the major purpose of SEO

18-What is paid result means?

Mostly paid results is completely opposite of organic results it includes generally all the advertisements that are usually displayed above the organic results. Many website owners generally pay to Google in order to display their website with better ranking for certain search terms or must capable for differentiate between organic result and paid result in seo interview questions and answers.

seo interview questions and answers19-What is a Do-Follow link?

According to the name Do-Follow Link suggest and allows Google link calculator called Page Rank to count all the incoming link from other web pages and websites as link points.

20-What is a No-Follow link?

The complete opposite of Do-Follow link is a No-Follow link that is a link attribute which do not allow the Google bots to follow them. Only human can follow these links and cannot be followed by any robots. The structure of No-follow link attributes is done in the following manner:

<a href=”” rel=”follow”>Link text</a>.this link ia also asked in seo interview questions and answers by interviewer.

seo interview questions and answers

21-What is robots.txt?

It’s a way of telling the Search Engine Bots about the web pages on your website that you don’t want to open or visit by others.

If in case you want to block all search engines robots for crawling your website, then just put the follow code:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

If you want to block Google for crawling your website, just put the follow code:

User-agent: Googlebot


It’s important to install Robots.txt file very carefully, or else errors might occur while displaying the website.

22-What are the advantages of submitting sites to search directories?

Submitting sites to search directory are useful to get back links to your website. The more number of back links you get, the more probability to increase the chances that search engine will index it sooner, compared to when it is not listed.

 23-What is Google Knowledge Graph?

The way of gathering semantic-search information from a wide variety of sources by Google in order      to improve its search engine’s results is known as the Google Knowledge Graph. Knowledge graph is very important for your website as well as  in your seo interview questions and answers.

seo interview questions and answers

24-What is bounce rate?

The number of visitors which a site receives only for them to leave the site after viewing only one page is known as Bounce rate.  It represents the percentage of visitors who actually visited the site and then leave or “bounce” rather than continuing on to view the other pages within the same page.

25-Mention what will be your approach if your SEO method don’t work?

If the SEO method doesn’t work then do the  following,

First see whether it is a new project then re-check the keywords

Then look for relevant keywords that can be helpful

Make changes in page text, title and description

If still not ranked then there may be some other serious issues like bad links, penguin/panda or other Google penalty, crawlability issues, UI issue etc.

26-What is Google trends?

 Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., that shows how often a particular search-term is entered or used to search, relative to the total search-volume across various regions and languages in the world.If you are a seo expert you also know the trending things which is also helpful in your seo interview questions and answers.

The Google Trends tool uses real-time search data to help you gauge consumer search behaviors over time.

Most important of all, Google Trends shows you high-volume trending search terms in your niche.

27-Differences between bounce rate and pogo sticking?

The difference between bounce rate and pogo sticking is:

Bounce rate: A high bounce rate isn’t always bad, as it can mean that while the visitor didn’t travel deeper into a site, he spent some time on the page and got an answer to his question. He may have saved the URL or may come back later, but since he didn’t spend more time reading the content , the activity is considered a bounce.

Pogo sticking: Pogo sticking occurs when a user performs a search, clicks on a result, very quickly clicks back to the search result page, and clicks on a different result. This type of behavior is a direct result of immediate dissatisfaction in the search result. This always has a negative aspect to it.

28-What are webmaster tools?

It is a free service provided by the Google to get the information about the indexing data, backlinks, search queries, crawl problems, malware complaints and XML site must have the knowledge about webmaster tools and how to use them and nowadays it is also a popular  question in seo interview questions and answers.

seo interview questions and answers

29-How to cross check if SEO campaign is working or not?

Firstly, an attempt would be made to search all the search engines employing relevant key phrases and keywords that are to be optimized. After the analysis, the results will point out whether the methods of optimization have worked or not. The report is to be analyzed regular basis. Also, another aspect of website statistics would also be taken care of which talks about the origin of the traffic.This question is for experienced person but you have a knowledge about this question so it is also a good question in seo interview questions and answers.

30-How will you check the number of backlinks to your competitor’s site?

Using link operator on Google and various external tools like Backlink finder, Open Site Explorer, Backlink Watch, Alexa etc, one can know the number of backlinks to their competitor’s site.

31-What’s the most important factor in an SEO campaign?

This question is designed to give you a sense of how the professional thinks about their work. The simple truth is that there isn’t just one important factor, but lots of them. An SEO specialist should be able to identify which factors are most important based on the specific goals of the campaign.

32-How do you go about link-building for a client?

Depending on the client’s needs, there are a few ways to go about building links, from producing natural editorial links with high-quality content, to contracting an agency to perform outreach. A great candidate should be able to look at your business’s specific needs to determine the right strategy to accomplish your objectives.

33-What tools do you use to perform data analysis?

In addition to using insights gleaned from whatever tools you may already be using, a great SEO specialist should be well versed in using functions in Excel or Google Sheets to perform their own analyses.

seo interview questions and answers

34-What is the best platform to post an advertisement for traffic diversion for any business?
Facebook is a good option to consider. This is because it has huge volume of users that access their accounts every day. People with similar interest can be targeted as Facebook allow users to post paid ads and help them to keep up the pace in this matter.

34-Why there is a need to develop mobile friendly website?
Most of the users in the present time access internet through smartphones. It is very necessary for a website to be mobile friendly. This is because when open on a mobile, it switches itself as per the user’s device screen and other factors making it possible for them to access all the features imply. If it’s not mobile friendly, it will appear in the same manner as it appears on a computer. Thus, it would simply be ignored and there will be no benefits of SEO approaches. This ia also a very popular question in seo interview questions and answers.

35-What do you mean by the term crawling?
After certain successful efforts for SEO, it has been seen that the undesirable content often declare its presence in the search indexes. The process of avoiding the same is generally considered as crawling. In fact, it’s a part of several search engine approaches and methods.

36 Which  Important factors makes ON Page Optimization better ?   

In On Page Optimization there are some important factors like

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta tag
  3. Keyword
  4. Sitemap
  5. Images
  6. Internal linking

37-Which  Important factors makes Off Page Optimization better ?

In Off Page Optimization there are some important factors like

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Artical Submission
  3. Press Release
  4. Blog Writing/posting/creation
  5. Classified Submission
  6. Social  Media

38-What is Black Hat Seo ? And how many techniques used in it ?       Black hat seo is technique in which we use duplicate issues like content,photos, video,hidden links,keyword stuffing doorway pages and many other.It is not good for our site because when Google starts its crawling it considered the site is full of duplicate issues and he penalized the site minimum +30 Google page ranking

39-What is White Hat Seo ? And how many techniques used in it ? 

Ans. White hat seo is a technique in which we used fresh,good contents in our site.Never used any kind of duplicate contents in it.It is the best method to get high ranking on the Search Engine..

  • Quality contents
  • Titles and Meta data
  • Keyword research and Effective keyword use
  • Quality inbound links

40-Establish a difference between PR & SERP?

PR is Page Rank which is defined by quality inbound links from other website or web-pages to a web page or website as well as say the importance of that site.

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page is the placement of the website or web-page which is returned by search engine after a search query or attribute.

41-What do you know about RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication is useful to frequently publish all updated works including news headlines, blog entries etc. This RSS document also known as web feed, feed or channel that incorporate summarized text including metadata i.e. authorship and publishing dates etc.It is also a good question in seo interview questions and answers.

However, RSS feeds make the publishers flexible by syndicating the content automatically. There is a standardized file format XML that lets the information to be published once which can be visible to several distinct programs. Also, this make readers more ease to get updates timely by allowing them to subscribe from their favorite sites.

42 Can you define Adword?

Adword is referred as the main advertising product of Google which is useful to make appear your ads on Google and its partner websites including Google Search. This Google’s product offer PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising which is a primary module and incorporate a sub module CPC (Cost Per Click) where we bid that rate that will be charged only when the users click your advertisement. One another sub module is CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) advertising where advertiser pay for a thousand impression on flat rate to publisher. In addition it also includes website targeted advertising of banner, text and rich-media ads.

seo interview questions and answers

43-What do you know about Adsense?

Adsense is a web program conducted by Google that enables publishers of content websites to cater text, rich media, image, video advertisements automatically which are relevant to content of website and audience. These advertisement are included, maintained and sorted by Google itself and earn money either by per-click or per-impression basis.

seo interview questions and answers

44-Differentiate between soft 404 and 404 error?

Soft 404 error is an error when shows without an http//error form whereas, whenever there is normal 404 error it shows and http//error.

45-What is LSI?     

 LSI means latent semantic indexing. It is important in document indexing process. This system is used by Google. This is a technique of retrieving data and finding connections of different kinds of words and synonyms and getting correct format in the search engine.

seo interview questions and answers

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