5 Quick Ways to Get More Facebook Likes Using WordPress

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1. Facebook Like Box in a Lightbox Popup

There are many bloggers who use lightbox popups to display their Facebook like box. While it’s certainly not a good idea to show the Facebook like box popup as soon as the user lands, it can be tremendous value if you do it when the user is about to leave.

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2. Social Sharing Buttons That Work

Placing huge and countless social sharing buttons on your site is not going to get you any more likes. Remember these buttons are resource intensive and slow down your site.

We would advice you to stop adding over-sized social sharing toolbars on every blank spot of your website. Instead choose a few social networks and add icons close to your article where people are most likely to look for them. This way when you write a top-notch article, your users will like it, and most likely become a fan of your page.

We recommend using Floating Social Bar plugin. It is the only sticky social bar plugin that is fast and less annoying. There are no monstrous social buttons for hundreds of social sharing sites. Just the big few social networking sites that people actually use.

It comes with a Facebook like button built right into it, which shows the likes for each article in real time. It works pretty well on all our sites.

3. Run Contests and Giveaways

Ever wondered why there are so many companies giving away prizes on their Facebook pages? Because it is an easy and cost effective way to get more likes for a Facebook page.

You can run a contest manually by just announcing it on your website or Facebook page. You don’t really need to giveaway expensive prizes. Just make sure that the prize you are offering is useful and attractive to your users.

4. Embedding a Like Box and Facebook Statuses

One of the most standard thing you can do is add the official Facebook like box in your blog’s sidebar to get more likes. Make your Like box more noticeable by adding text, images, call to action button, or headings around it.

Another thing you can do is embed your Facebook statuses in your posts and pages. See our tutorial on how to embed facebook status posts in WordPress.

5. Call to Action

Often all you really need to do is ask your users with proper call-to-actions.

You can ask your users to like your page on Facebook with a call to action at the end of your articles. You can also add that in your email newsletters or twitter account.

This is probably the simplest tip, but often people don’t use it. Placing the right call to action on the right spot can give your social following a tremendous boost.

We hope these tips helped you find new ways to get more Facebook likes using WordPress. You may also want to check out our guide on how to add Facebook open graph meta data in WordPress.

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