5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2019

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5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2019

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Improving organic traffic can sometimes be challenging, but if you apply thecorrect SEO strategies, the hard work will eventually pay off. Search engine traffic is great because it’s relevant and targeted.

If you want to learn how to increase organic traffic, these are the most important things to apply right now:

  1. Identify your website’s bad & good links
  2. Remove and disavow bad backlinks
  3. Blog about your user’s questions and problems
  4. Be a contributor on reputable sites in your industry
  5. Do keywords research and create a keyword database
  6. Optimize your meta data and content
  7. Create quality content on a regular basis
  8. Create a powerful internal linking system
  9. Encourage readers to link1 to your website

10.Monitor your SEO progress and the incoming links

Here are a few tips and tricks we recommend to increase organic traffic to your website:

  1. Perform Keyword Research: Before getting started, you need to make sure you know your personas and topics you want to rank for. It’s best to start with a list of about 5-10 topics that fit your niche, then use those topics to later come up with specific keywords.

Keyword Research Tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner is the best place to begin keyword research. .
  • KWFinder. …
  • Moz’s Keyword Explorer. …
  • Keyword Tool. …
  • SEMrush.

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EXAMPLE: If you’re a marketing agency, your list may include topics such as “marketing agency”, “SEO”, “email marketing”,  “social media”, and “online marketing”.  Once you have your list, you should begin thinking of phrases your audience will be searching for. Hubspot provides a Keyword tool that lets you sort through your keyword list based on criteria such as visits, rank, and difficulty, so you can quickly cut through the clutter. Keep your eye toward targeting keywords with high search volume and low competition.

2.Optimize your website: Once you’ve established your list of keywords you plan to target, you’re ready to begin optimizing your website. Be sure to put your content is in a language that search engines and your target audience can understand.

Drive organic Traffic on your website2018 Optimize your website Image

5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2018

Use your list of keywords on your homepage, header tags, meta-description and in the URL of pages throughout your website. Be sure to avoid “keyword-stuffing” while keeping your website organized and easy to navigate.

  1. Use long tail keywords: Short, key-phases such as “marketing agency” have become too broad and competitive as the market grows. Instead, you should focus on long-tail key phrases that are  tailored to your product or service. For example, you could try something more specific such as “marketing agency in Seattle Washington” or “inbound marketing agency in Los Angeles”. Studies show long-tail key phrases are driving results due to greater relevancy and less competition.

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  1. Blog oftenUse a blog to attract and teach your visitors. A blog is a great opportunity to become a thought leader in your industry. Search engines love frequently updated websites – so make sure you keep on a blogging schedule and post regularly! More importantly, users love it too. A site that’s consistently updated will tell your audience you’re serious about providing good content, which gives them a reason to invest their time on your site and continue coming back.

Guest blogging purely for inbound links is a flawed strategy because the value of those links are going down. However, guest blogging for traffic is still an incredibly viable strategy. While that inbound link you get at the end of a guest post doesn’t have as much SEO value as it used to, it still has the value of exposing your content to a new audience.

Drive organic Traffic on your website2018 Blog often Image

5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2018

  1. Create Quality Content: Write for your personas, not search engines. As mentioned earlier, search engines love frequently updated content however, pumping out keyword-stuffed articles won’t get you very far. By providing quality educational content that resonates with your audience, you’ll naturally improve your SEO. Your site should provide users with content they are looking for  while using keywords they are searching on Google. Use keywords to get your articles found, but remember to always provide quality over quantity.

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5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2018

  1. Get social: Social recommendation has quickly become one of the best ways to promote your content and attract visitors to your website. Google understands the importance of social presence and is taking social media as a great signal to rank content. Make sure you are providing social sharing links on your blog posts and are frequently updating your social accounts with new, relevant information to attract visitors. 

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5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2018

  1. Partake in ethical link building: Once you’ve built up a decent catalog of information on your site, you can begin adding links in your blog posts, guiding visitors to more relevant content. This will help keep visitors on your website for longer, which helps boost your search ranking. Generally stick to 3-5 internal links in your posts – too many and it will begin to look like spam.

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5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2018

  1. Play by the rules: You won’t get ahead by trying to take shortcuts. Unfortunately, many SEOs try to use unethical practices, also know as black hat SEO, to try to trick search engines into giving them a higher ranking. Anything promising quick results will most likely result in penalty, or worse, your site will be removed from Google’s index altogether.

Increasing organic traffic is a timely process but by following a few of these simple rules you will be greatly rewarded by search engines. What else would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments section! 

Drive organic Traffic on your website2018 Play by the rules Image

5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2018

Encourage readers to link to your website: As I said at the beginning of the article, more naturally earned backlinks, will help you get more organic traffic and improve SEO. You can suggest your readers to link back to your website by having a small widget at the bottom of your posts. Just as you have the social media sharing links, an embedded linking widget will increase the chances to get more backlinks. However, don’t directly ask anyone to link to your website. The goal is to make it easy for others to link to your website, and not force them to do so.

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5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2018

10. Monitor your SEO progress and the incoming links: Organic traffic acquisition and SEO is a never ending process. No matter how much traffic you have now and how well you are doing with search engine optimization, you should never neglect and ignore the SEO progress.

Always monitor how the organic traffic is evolving from week to week and analyze what has worked best and what didn’t. With time, your website will attract backlinks, and all of them have to be analyzed. Every month, do a new analysis of the new links and see if the ones you received lately are good or bad for SEO.

With the Monitor Backlinks SEO tool, you can automate the reporting process and ease things up for you. Every week you’ll get SEO progress reports automatically. More importantly, when your site earns or loses links, you’ll be informed.

These are the most important things to do to increase your website’s organic traffic. What’s working best for you? Let me know in the comments section below.

Drive organic Traffic on your website2018 Monitor your SEO progress and the incoming links Image

5 Smart Ways to Drive organic Traffic on your Website 2018


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